Standardization in Finland

In Finland, standardization activities have been distributed among the 12 affiliates of SFS, and, as the central organization, SFS supports their standardization work. SFS and its affiliates co-ordinate the participation of Finnish stakeholders in the international standardization work.
At SFS, technical matters of standardization are managed by technical advisers representing different fields. These advisers also act as secretaries of technical committees and as contact persons for the affiliates.

Standards writing bodies of SFS

SFS works with 12 affiliates called ‘standards writing bodies’ that represent different economic sectors and participate in the development of standards. SFS itself is also a standards writing body and as such is responsible for some fields of standardization, including quality and environmental systems. The affiliated standards writing bodies are responsible for the development of standards in their respective fields.
A standards writing body is a public or private organization or foundation that represents a large part of its sector and participates in standardization work. Each standards writing body has appointed representatives for its standardization fields. These representatives control the development of standards in their respective field and also give information about the content and use of these standards.
Fields: biotechnology, transportable gas cylinders, paints and varnishes, plastics, explosives, timber, furniture, and paper and pulp industry
Tel. +358 9 172 841

Natural resources institute Finland
Fields: agricultural and forestry machinery
Tel. +358 9 224 251
Finnish Plastics Industries Federation
Field: certain plastic products
Tel. +358 9 172 841
The Finnish Association of Construction Product Industries RTT
Field: construction products
Tel. +358 9 12991
Electrotechnical Standardization in Finland
Field: electronics and electrotechnical industry
Tel. +358 9 696 391
Standards Association of Textile and Clothing Industry
Field: textile, clothing, footwear and leather industry
Tel. +358 10 830 1408
Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
Field: environmental analysis and monitoring techniques
Tel. +358 20 610 123
Mechanical Engineering and Metals Industry Standardization in Finland
Field: mechanical engineering and metals industry
Tel. +358 9 192 31

Finnish Transport Agency
Field: road construction materials
Tel. +358 20 637 373
Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority
Field: telecommunications industry
Tel. +358 9 696 61
General Industry Federation
Fields: vehicles, logistics, health care equipment, sports equipment and recreational products, building glass, rubber industry, etc.
Tel. +358 9 622 0410
Finnish Petroleum Federation
Fields: petroleum engineering and petroleum products, oil and gas-powered equipment, natural gas facilities, etc.
Tel. +358 20 766 9930